viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Chocolat Liegeois is chocolate, whipped cream and ice cream goodness.

Chocolat Liegeois is a hot cocoa, whipped cream and ice cream drink, also known as Crème viennoise, Viennesse Cream and Chocolate Liege.

Recpe via Google translation here.

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Saint-Honoré Cake

Saint-Honoré is a cake made with puff pastry, patte a choux,  caramel, creme chiboust and whipped cream, we will talk about it's history,  and preparation, after this pic:

Photo by by maiptitfleur

This cake was created to honor the patron sant of french bakers Saint Honoré by chef Chiboust in 1846.

Saint Honoré giving bread to the mases.

What makes this cake different is the creme Chiboust also known creme Saint Honore wich is a fancier version of pastry cream.

Everybody has their favorite way of making it, in this image you can see a basket shaped Saint-Honoré in the making:

Photo by Javi Vte Rejas

The Following pic ilustrates perfectly how a Saint-Honoré Cake is assembled, on the bottom the puff pastry base holding the Chiboust cream and on the sides  choux with caramel:

mini mille-feuilles and Saint-Honoré by T.M.O.F.


Gateau St. Honore recipe at foodnetwork