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Chocolat Liegeois is chocolate, whipped cream and ice cream goodness.

Chocolat Liegeois is a hot cocoa, whipped cream and ice cream drink, also known as Crème viennoise, Viennesse Cream and Chocolate Liege.

Recpe via Google translation here.

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Saint-Honoré Cake

Saint-Honoré is a cake made with puff pastry, patte a choux,  caramel, creme chiboust and whipped cream, we will talk about it's history,  and preparation, after this pic:

Photo by by maiptitfleur

This cake was created to honor the patron sant of french bakers Saint Honoré by chef Chiboust in 1846.

Saint Honoré giving bread to the mases.

What makes this cake different is the creme Chiboust also known creme Saint Honore wich is a fancier version of pastry cream.

Everybody has their favorite way of making it, in this image you can see a basket shaped Saint-Honoré in the making:

Photo by Javi Vte Rejas

The Following pic ilustrates perfectly how a Saint-Honoré Cake is assembled, on the bottom the puff pastry base holding the Chiboust cream and on the sides  choux with caramel:

mini mille-feuilles and Saint-Honoré by T.M.O.F.


Gateau St. Honore recipe at foodnetwork

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Palmier, or The two Ingredient Cookie.

Image by foooooey

Yep, thats right, Palmiers are  just puff pastry rolled with sugar, they are simple yet genius.

All you need is a quality puff pastry made only with butter and sugar:

Puff pastry by balise42

They are called Palmiers (Palm in french) because  their shape reminds you  of palm leaves:

Photo by Zigar

How to make Palmiers:


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Quick Look: Paris Brest

Photo by zoyachubby

This delicious dessert was created to celebrate the bicycle race between Paris and Brest.

Photo by fuzzytnth3

The ring shape is to  meant to simply represent a bicycle wheel:

Photo by yoppy

Hazelnut Paris-Brest

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Vacherin is a dessert made with meringue filled with whipped cream, fruits, and sometimes with ice cream, there are two basic ways you can make it, by stacking rings of meringue so the can be used like a bowl for ice cream , or by alternating layers of meringue and filling them with whipped cream and strawberries or raspberries.

For recipes you can go here:

Frozen Vacherin Torte with Rhubarb Cream and Strawberries

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For a Special Ocasion Try Croquembouche

Photo by Eric Baker

A crunchy cake made of pastry filled profiteroles covered in caramel, Croquembouche is a mouth watering creation, why not give it  a try.

 Photo by yajico

Chef Armstrong Shows us how to make Croquembouche:


Photo by carabou


Gale Gand Croquembouche Recipe

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Pots de Creme

Photo by

Do you like custard, well I do, and Pots de Creme is exactly that, the only difference is that it is served in a pot, oh and also, it is the most delicious custard ever.

Photo by synaethesia

Pots de Creme history

The history of Pots de Creme is basically the history of custard which goes back hundreds of years to the middle ages, you can read more about it in wisegeek.

Photo by Big Blue Ocean

There are plenty of different flavors of Pots de creme for example this great looking Butterscotch pot de creme with toast foam:

Photo by synaethesia

But not only is it great by its own, it's fantastic with other desserts, you can see it here with a Rose sorbet, Walnut Ice Cream, and a brownie:

Photo by Charles Haynes

Chocolate is one of the most popular flavors of Pots de Creme:

Photo by Charles Haynes


More recipes:

Chocolate Espresso Pots de Crème Recipe at - Recipes - Pots De Creme

Chocolate Pots de Creme Recipe : Gale Gand

Recipe of the Day: Vanilla Pots de Crème

Chai Pots de Crème Recipe at

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Île Flottante (Floating Island)

Photo by Meg Zimbeck

Crème anglaise and meringue in a bowl, that's an Île Flottante (Flating island), this dessert is so good that it has been adapted and recreated in many forms, in different countries (if you go to Hungary don't forget to ask for the Madártej), as usual recipes and more, next.

Recipe by kimmallari

" Ingredients

Custard: - 1 C cream + 1 C milk (or 2 C half & half) - 4 beaten egg yolks - 1/2 C white sugar - 1 T flour - 1/8 t salt - 1/4 t pure vanilla extract

Meringue: - 4 egg whites, room temperature (for BETTER meringue) - 1/8 t salt - 1/4 t cream of tartar - 1 t pure vanilla extract - 1 C white sugar

In a sauce pan, scald (just below boiling point) the milk & cream or half & half.

In a bowl, beat the yolks. Then add the sugar, flour & salt. Beat the mixture until well fluffy and well combined.

Little by little, pour the heated cream in the egg mixture. Be careful not to scramble the eggs. Do not pour in the heated cream all at once. After each addition, whisk thoroughly.

Transfer the mixture into a sauce pan and on low heat, stir continuously until the sauce becomes thick and covers the back of a wooden spoon.

Add the vanilla. Store in a container and cover the surface with wax paper. Let it cool in the fridge.

Butter a large ramekin or 6 small ramekins (or any baking mold). Coat the surface with sugar.

Preheat oven at 350 dF.

Make sure that the egg whites are at room temperature. Beat the egg whites until fluffy, add the salt & cream of tartar. Beat for a couple of minutes until it forms soft peaks.

Gradually add the white sugar, beating after each addition. Continue beating until the peaks become stiff, but do not overbeat.

Fold in vanilla.

Fill the ramekins with the egg white mixture and bake in the oven until the outside is golden and cake tester comes out clean.

Immediately unmold the meringues and set aside.

Quickly prepare the caramel sauce:

In a pan, heat up 1/4 C white sugar until it melts and turns into ruby red color. Super carefully, (little by little) pour 3 T hot H20, stirring continuously after each addition and continue to heat the caramel until syrupy.

***The caramel sauce is optional.

To plate, put a good amount of the custard sauce in a dessert bowl. Place a meringue on top. Drizzle with caramel sauce. Bon apetit! "


Chocolate Floating Island:

Iles Flottantes au Chocolat

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Craving a chocolate dessert ? , try Eclairs.

Photo by christyxcore

Eclairs are just long profiteroles made from patte a choux (you can find the recipe here), covered with chocolate and filled with pastry cream or other fillings.

If done well, they can be both delicious and elegant, try for yourself with this recipe:

More recipes here:
Chocolate Glazed Mini Éclairs with Peanut Butter Cream

Cooking School: Pastry Cream and Mini Eclairs

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by yoshimov

The history of Madeleines is not very clear, you can read about it in wikipedia, if you want, but one thing is for certain, they are one of the most famous french creations in the world.

Here are amazing pics an after that you'll find a couple of great recipes:

by superturtle

by foodistablog

by yomi955

Madeleines Recipe by yehting


makes 24

  • 100g (3/4 cup) cake flour
  • 100g (1/4 cup + 3 tbsp) sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 120g (1 stick) butter, melted
  • few drops of vanilla extract

It's good for tea time or late night snack. This is very light, so be careful don't eat too much at a time~ (haha)

  1. Beat eggs, then add sugar into the bowl, use hand mixer on low speed, mix until fluffy.

  2. Mix flour with the egg-sugar mixture, then add butter and vanilla extract, mixing just enough to incorporate.

  3. Pour batter into mini muffin pan, fill 3/4 full. In preheated oven 325 degrees F, bake for 12-15 minutes. Let it cool on the wire rack then serve.

Video Recipe:

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Created by Alexandre Micka in St. Tropez, Tarte Tropézienne is a simple, yet elegant creation.

Tarte Tropézienne consists of a light brioche filled with pastry cream, if it sound easy, it's because it is, but it requires attention to detail and the ingredients should be precisely measured.

Take a look:




Tropezienne tart recipe:

Tropezienne tart / Tarte Tropézienne Video Recipe:

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Basics: Pâte à choux

Zeppole di San Giuseppe

from Rubber Slippers In Italy

Pâte à choux is such an easy and fun way to impress your guests, just like any other french desserts Pâte à choux is extremly versatile plus it can be used to create savory dishes too.

Invented in italy by chef Panterelly and perfected in france Pâte à choux is used to make profiteroles, eclaires, etc.

As usual Pâte à choux is a very simple recipe, but you do need to take a few things into considaration:

-When it's done, make shure it's golden brown other wise it may collapse.
-To prevent it from collapsing it's recommended to leave the Pâte à choux in the oven with the door open a little so it cools off slowly.
-If you end up with collapsed Pâte à choux, pop them back in the oven, most of the times it will rise again.

Quick recipe:
How To Make Pâté A Choux

Pate a choux
from WayTru

In Depth info:

Good Eats S6E10P1: Choux Shine

Good Eats S6E10P2: Choux Shine

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Buche de Noel

Buche de noel is the personification of all things Christmas, is fun and delicious.

Typically served in France and Quebec Buche de noel uses basic ingredients, its' just a roll of many delicious things, you cant go wrong with it.

The main two things you need is genoise and a chocolate butter cream, that's it, you can also use powder sugar for snow, and my favorite: marshmallow mushrooms.

I found a great video recipe that is quite comprehensive and a few links for more info and recipes at the end, also a gallery to inspire you as usual.



Bûche de Noël by yancy9a

white Buche de Noel by [puamelia]

Bûche de Noël by Kelly Sue

Buche de Noel by carabou

Bûche de Noël 1 by masatsu

Bûche de Noël by Kelly Sue

Bûche de Noël by fonticulus

Bûche de Noël by nerdcoregirl

Bûche de Noël by nerdcoregirl

Bûche de Noël @ Wikipedia
Bûche de Noël recipe
Maple Walnut Bûche de Noël recipe
Bûche de Noël recipe Food Network


Soufflé is one of the most recognizable french food inventions, it is very simple to prepare, but of course soufflé has a reputation of being difficult, but it is not, just make sure to pay full attention when you bake it and serve immediately, because they tend to fall rather quickly, but even if they do they'll still taste great, so don't worry and go for it.

5 Soufflé Recipes:

Chocolate Souffle


-1/3 cup sugar plus additional for sprinkling

-5 oz bittersweet chocolate (not unsweetened), chopped (141 gr)

-3 large egg yolks at room temperature

-6 large egg whites

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Generously butter soufflé dish and sprinkle with sugar, knocking out excess.
  2. Melt chocolate in a metal bowl set over a saucepan of barely simmering water, stirring occasionally until smooth. Remove bowl from heat and stir in yolks (mixture will stiffen).
  3. Beat whites with a pinch of salt in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed until they just hold soft peaks. Add 1/3 cup sugar, a little at a time, continuing to beat at medium speed, then beat at high speed until whites just hold stiff peaks. Stir about 1 cup whites into chocolate mixture to lighten, then add mixture to remaining whites, folding gently but thoroughly.
  4. Spoon into soufflé dish and run the end of your thumb around inside edge of soufflé dish (this will help soufflé rise evenly). 5. Bake in middle of oven until puffed and crusted on top but still jiggly in center, 24 to 26 minutes. Serve immediately.

recipe by yenic

Pear Soufflè


4 large and not very mature pears
1 egg separated
1 tbsp butter, softened
50 gr. brown sugar
1 tsp pear flavored liqueur (or lemon flavored )
1 tbsp cornstarch
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
ground cinnamon
1 tbsp raisins
a handful of chopped nuts
confectioners' sugar

Preheat oven to 375°F.
Cut the pears in half and remove the seeds. Using a teaspoon, remove the center of the fruit and pour it into a dish. Mush it with a fork or blend it with the food processor, add the liqueur and whisk, set aside.
In a mixing bowl beat the butter with the sugar until creamy. Add the egg yolk and whisk. Add the cornstarch, the pure vanilla extract, the raisins and the nuts. Stir to combine and add the pear pure.
Beat the egg white until very stiff, then add it to the pear mixture very carefully. Fill the pears with this mixture, sprinkle with cinnamon and pour into the preheated oven. Bake about 30-35 minutes. The top of the soufflè will be dark brown. Remove from the oven and chill about 5-6 minutes. Pour into a serving dishes, dust with confectioners' sugar and serve.

Recipe by zoridream

Carrot Soufflè


  1. 80gr. all-purpose flour
  2. 80gr. white sugar
  3. 2 eggs, separated
  4. 30 gr. butter, melted
  5. 1 large carrot, peeled and grated
for decorating:
  1. 2 carrots
  2. 1 tsp butter
  3. 1 tbsp white sugar
  4. some fresh parsley
  5. confectioners' sugar

Preheat oven to 180°C. Lightly grease 6 souffle dishes. Beat the egg whites until stiff. In a large mixing bowl beat the egg yolks with the sugar until mixture is fluffy and white in color. Add half of the beaten egg whites and stir carefully. Sift the flour upon the mixture and let it fall into the bowl with the mixture like a "rain". Stir to combine. Add the melted butter and the remaining egg whites. Do not over mix. Add the grated carrot. Pour into the prepared dishes and bake about 20 - 25 minutes.
Meanwhile, combine the butter, the sugar, the carrots and 400ml water in a deep saucepan, bring to a boil and cook at high medium heat until carrots are tender. Dry the carrots and allow to cool. Wash and dry the parsley leafs.
Garnish the each souffle with half carrot, parsley leafs and dust with confectioners' sugar.

Recipe by zoridream

Souffle Cheesecake - Green Tea Swirl


  • 300g Cream Cheese
  • 50ml Milk
  • 90g Sugar
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 30g Corn Starch
  • 3tbs Lemon / Lime Juice
  • 1tbs Cointreau (optional)
  • 3 Egg Whites
  • Green Tea Powder

Optional : I use left-over sponge cake as the base, you can also use crushed biscuits, or even sponge fingers. Of course you don't have to use bases, they will work fine without.

Prep work :

To make life easier, I beat the egg whites + half of the sugar first before I do the rest (as we all know, everything must be clean and dry or they'll act up!). Whip them up until they just form soft peaks.

How to Make :

  1. Cream the cream cheese, and add in the milk. Mix well.
  2. Mix in half the sugar.
  3. Add in the egg yolks, one by one and mix well at each addition.
  4. Mix in the corn flour (try not too overbeat)
  5. Add in the lemon juice & Cointreau.
  6. With a metal spoon (metal keeps the air bubbles intact) mix in a little bit of the whipped egg whites, mix thoroughly (no need to be careful at this point , as this will actually make adding the rest of the whites easier).
  7. Add in the remainder of the whites, mix in lightly (cutting & folding action time !) but quickly. Don't over-mix.
  8. Take a table spoonful of the mixture and mix in green tea powder. Set aside.
  9. Press your base (sponge, etc) onto the bottom, then pour the cream cheese mixture on top.
  10. Make dots on top with the green tea mixture, and do some swirls, etc.
  11. Place into 180 C oven ( I forgot to time the baking time :P If you use a mini ring like I did, bake until cracks forms. Ideally you would wait until it's slightly golden on top, but tiny cakes will be dried out by then).

I found that if you leave the cakes to cool slightly in the oven (switched off), the cake doesn't collapse as much ^_^

Recipe by monica

Sweet Corn Souffle


½ c melted butter 2 lightly beaten eggs 1 8.5 oz package of Jiffy cornbread mix 1 can of whole kernel corn 1 can of cream-style corn 1 c. sour cream.

Inspired by A Love Affair with Southern Cooking and the Semi-Ho

Preheat oven to 350.

In a large bowl, stir together: ½ c melted butter, 2 lightly beaten eggs, 1 8.5 oz package of Jiffy cornbread mix, 1 can of whole kernel corn, 1 can of cream-style corn, and 1 c. sour cream.

Pour into a lightly greased 9x9" baking pan.

Bake for 45 minutes.

Photo Gallery:

Chocolate Souffle - Max Brenner by avlxyz

Souffle aux Pommes et Calvados by donut

Chocolate Souffle by The Marmot

Grand Marnier souffle by donut

Sunday Soufflé by St0rmz

Grand Marnier Souffle by Tom Mascardo

Celebrity Infinity. Food. Souffle by Tom Mascardo

Souffle au chocolate - Bistro Vue by avlxyz

Japanese Souffle Cheesecake by foodistablog

Video: Sexy Souffle Recipe

Further Reading:

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