miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Beignet, the French Doughnut.

Beignet is a simple fried doughnut made from choux pastry or yeast dough, simple as that, the only diference with other dounuts is that they are square and they don't have a hole.

 Photo by _e.t

You can find the in the french quarter in New Orleans for example:

And here's a recipe:

Beignets, coffee and orange juice at Cafe DuMonde by pointnshoot

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Mille-feuilles, a thousand-leaf pastry.

Mille-feuilles is known around the world as vanilla slice, mille foglie, cream slice, custard square, Napoleon, Napoleonbakelse, tompouce and milhojas but no matter what you call it, you can be sure that Mille-feuilles will be delicious.

Being really easy to make, Mille-feuilles is something really popular around the globe, you can't go wrong with it.

Mille-feuilles by Kanko*

Anjum Anand/Coconut and raspberry millefeuilles

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010

Bavarois, one of the best cream desserts.

Are you looking  for a cold dessert?, then try bavarois also known as Bavarian cream:

Photo by [puamelia]


Strawberry Bavarois by stephblog


Basement: 2 eggs; 60g sugar; 1 tea spoon of baking powder; Vanilla extract; 60g flour.
Mousse: 500ml fresh cream; 90g+30g sugar; 300g strawberries; 1/2 lemon; 6 gelatin sheets.
Cover jelly: Strawberry sirup or jam; 2 gelatin sheets.

How to make Strawberry Bavarois

Basement (A kind of sponge cake):
There are many possibilities for the basement. For example, it is possible to prepare a proper genoise or use some cookies. In this case, I prepared a kind of sponge cake basement.
Separate the white/yellow parts of the eggs. Beat the white eggs untill solid. In another bowl, mix the yellow part of the eggs with the suggar. Add the some vanilla extract to give some nice taste and the baking powder. While mixing, add the flower little by little to get a nice composition. Add a little of the solid white eggs to the composition and mix it. Finally Add all the rest of the white solid eggs and mix kindly.
Bake in the cake pan you will use for the all cake at 180°C for about 15minutes (check with a knife to know the exact time).

In a mixer or a blender, put the fruits, 30g of sugar and the lemon juice. Mix this well untill you get a nice puree.
Let the gelatin sheets rest in cold water for about 10minutes. In a saucepan, heat up some fruit mix and add the gelatin sheets. Mix well untill the gelatin has dissolved and add the rest of fruits puree. Mix well and let cool down a little.
Whip the fresh cream untill it becomes solid (take care to not do butter!!! stop before it becomes yellowish). 
(To easily whip the fresh cream, you can put the bowl and the fresh cream in the freezer for about 20minutes)
Add the fruits and gelatin puree to the whip cream and mix gently to get an homogeneous cream.
The best is to use a cake pan which side and bottom can be separated. Place the basement in the cake pan and cover with the mousse. Make it flatten on the top.

The idea here is to make your cake look nice (really?!?)... So, any good idea is probably possible.
I usually use a few spoon of strawberry jam (blueberry jam is also a good combination with the strawberry mousse) that I heat up in a pan with some water. Let it cool down a little and add the softened gelatin sheets.
Pour this preparation on your mousse (be sure that the mousse has been cooled down for 30min and that the preparation you pour on it is not hot or you will end up by creating some gelly stalactites in your mousse which can be artistic, but maybe not what you wanna do). Let your cake in the refrigerator for about 6hours so that your mousse get some nice consistency.

Banana Chocolate Bavarois Recipe by zoridream 


150 gr. crushed chocolate cookies
50gr. melted butter

Banana bavarois:
200 ml. whipping cream, whipped
1 banana, large
juice of 1/2 lemon
2 leafs of unflavored gelatin
200 ml. water
100 gr. white sugar

Chocolate bavarois:
150 gr. dark chocolate, melted
200 ml. whipping cream, whipped
2 leafs of unflavored gelatin
20 ml warm water

1/2 banana, sliced
juice of 1/2 lemon
a handful of chopped walnuts
100gr. melted chocolate

How to make Banana Chocolate Bavarois

Cover a medium size round pan with a plastic foil, cover evenly the sides of the pan taking cake that the foil comes out of the pan. Combine the crushed cookies with the melted butter. Pour in the prepared pan and cover the entire bottom with the back of a glass. Pour in the refrigerator.
Pour the banana and the lemon juice into the blender and blend to reduce it in pure. Pour the gelatin leafs with 2 tbsp water in a small bowl. Pour the water with the sugar into a deep and heavy saucepan and bring to boil on a high heat, cook until the sugar melts. Add drained gelatin leafs and stir until the gelatin melts too. Stir in the banana pure. Stir in the whipped whipping cream. Pour this mixture over the crust and keep in refrigerator about 1 hour.
Prepare the chocolate bavarois: Pour the gelatin leafs in a small bowl with water. After 2 minutes dry it and combine with 20 ml of warm water. Stir until dissolves. Stir in the whipped whipping cream and add the melted chocolate. Pour this chocolate mixture over the banana mixture into the pan. Refrigerate overnight.
Before serving, remove the Bavarois from the pan by taking it with the plastic foil that comes out the pan. Very carefuly remove the foil and transfer the bavarois onto a serving plate. Slace the half banana and sprinkle with the juice of half lemon to prevent of browning. Cover the top of the bavarois with melted chocolate, the banana slices and a handful of chopped walnuts. Slice and serve!


Strawberry Bavarois

Caramel Bavarain Cream Pudding - Part 1

Caramel Bavarain Cream Pudding - Part 2

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