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Make the best French desserts with Valrhona luxury chocolate

Make the best French desserts with Valrhona luxury chocolate

French desserts are known for their great taste and one of the reasons is that they use the best ingredients, if the dessert you are making needs chocolate, Valrhona is one of the best choices for you.

From the Wikipedia: "Valrhona focuses mainly on top-quality luxury chocolate marketed for professional as well as for private consumption. The product line includes chocolate confectionery, plain and flavored chocolate bars and bulk chocolate in bars or pellets. Valrhona is currently the only company in the world that produces vintage chocolate made from beans of a single year's harvest from a specific plantation."

For most recipes all you need is Chocolate bars and Cocoa Powder.

Chocolate bars:

Cocoa Powder:

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French Desserts Basics: How to make Ganache.

Ganache (a chocolate cream) is a really important part of french desserts and is really versatile it is used in icings, glaze and truffles.
I will only give you the recipe for the most basic type of ganache that is best for icing a cake.

Ganache recipe:
1 cup of Creme Fraiche (fresh cream):
300 grams of Dark chocolate.

. Chop the chocolate really finely and place it in a bowl
2. In a saucepan bring the cream to a light boil.
3. Pour down the hot cream into the chocolate.
4. Mix them until completely blended.

When it has cooled down a bit you can use it to ice a cake.

- The flavor of the ganache depends on the quality of the chocolate, use the best chocolate you can find.
- If you can't find creme fraiche, use any heavy cream.

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Famous French desserts

French food is famous all over the world especially french desserts:

French desserts are a perfect way to top of a delicious French meal. Rich and luscious, French desserts are another famous part of French food.
Crème brulée is one of the most well known French desserts. However, delicious treats like chocolate mousse and tarte tartin are also popular. After you have tasted a French dessert, you will understand why they are famous not only in France, but throughout the world.

Crème brulée

Tarte Tatin

Link: Famous French food

photos by sanctumsolitude
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bakeries vs pâtisseries

Are you sometimes disappointed of the desserts you buy from a bakery maybe it's time you try authentic french desserts in a pâtisserie.
Photo by Thomas Duchnicki

A lot of bakeries are just that -- bakeries and not pâtisseries (A bakery specializing in French pastry) with a trained pâtissier (pastry chef) making his or her own pastries. Do you think any one can make really good french desserts or only a pâtissier ?
Link: Indulging

French Desserts in Jamaica

French desserts are truly great but where or to whom do they belong?

The elegant an pricey french restaurant, Europe, food connoisseurs?

What about Jamaica, yes you heard me right there's a french pastry store
that is actually really successful.

Safia Burton from the French culinary institute in New York , opened Pastry Passion Desserterie and Bakery in the Sovereign Centre, Liguanea. Crêpes, frozen custards, snickerdoodles, tiramasu cheesecakes, tipple chocolate brownies; if you have a sweet tooth, it will be satisfied with this delicious array of desserts. Though she has a love for French desserts, that has had to be adjusted for the Jamaican market. The response so far has been overwhelming, the crêpes have been a hit and her black forest cake is one of the top-sellers. She sells up to 15 each day.

is it okay to adjust french desserts to specific markets, what do you think?