jueves, 9 de junio de 2011


Calisson is a traditional candy, think of it as a melon-orange marzipan toppped with royal icing.

aix magasin
from liketearsintherain

véraison 2007...
from jean-louis zimmermann

Calissons Neuhaus Hasselt
from Lec

from lauradoggett

from randomduck

Fabrique de calissons
from stephanemartin


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Crème caramel a french gift to the world.

Crème caramel has become one of the most popular desserts in the world, otherwise known as flan and other names.
If you haven't tried it yet do it now, i mean it, is that good.
Ginger Creme Caramel - close-up...
from avlxyz

Aunt Shirley's Creme Caramel
from avlxyz

crème au caramel
from bloggyboulga

creme caramel
from -Bert23- www.aerosolplanet.com

Crème caramel
from net_efekt

Crème caramel
from net_efekt

from andy liang

Saffron Creme Caramel
from Istelleinad

Creme caramel
from lejoe

Ginger Creme Caramel - Annie...
from avlxyz

Flan: Cooking
from syvwlch



Ok, Dariole surprised me for it's originality, just line a mold with puff pastry, fill it with almond cream and bake until it's golden brown, genius.
This one is so popular, there's even a special mold for it, the Dariole mold.

Let's try it:

Silverwood Dariole Moulds
from Cooks & Kitchens


miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Kouign amann

The lovely Bretons brings us this interesting cake, layers of dough sugar and butter create some sort of combination between a cake and puff pastry.

Kouign means cake, and  amann means butter,  and with Kouign amann you get that in a delicious package.

from Gaël Chardon

from Gaël Chardon

Untitled from Ludo29880

Mother's Day goodies
from bochalla

Kouign amann
from bochalla

Kouign amann, flip side
from bochalla

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kouign_amann

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

The Best looking Mousse Gallery Ever

I’ll never forget the first time i made a Mousse it was a lemon Mousse i was amazed at the results i just couldn’t believe a little bit of air made such a difference.
I don’t know why but if you turn something sweet into a foam magic happens.

Here we go:
Blueberry mousse
from rahims

Chocolate Mousse with sponge and...
from avlxyz

Mousse au chocolat à l'orange
from erix!

Chocolate Mousse and Hazlenut...
from avlxyz

White Chocolate Mousse and Sour...
from avlxyz

Chocolate Mousse
from Kirti Poddar

Apple Chocolate Mousse Pavlos...
from Nicola since 1972

Front + plaque - Raspberry,...
from avlxyz
Chocolate Mousse at Betty's
from dbgg1979

Chocolate Mousse
from Joshua Rappeneker

chocolate mousse-7
from jules:stonesoup

Lemon Mousse with Peach Compote
from norwichnuts

White chocolate mousse
from goosmurf

Le Canotier - Gianduja mousse,...
from avlxyz

from chanelcoco872

kahlua cupcakes with chocolate...
from little blue hen

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Opera cake

Opera Cake is layers of almond cake espresso butter-cream and chocolate ganache covered with chocolate glaze.
The trick here is to use high quality ingredients, be patient, don’t rush it, make sure everything comes out great, and that you like everything, if you do this you’ll be amazed at the results.

Opera Cakes
from Magsdewdrops' Creations

Opera Cake
from arnold | inuyaki

Opera - it is a piece of cake
from codepo8

Opera Cake
from codepo8

Lenorte Cake OPERA
from AmpamukA

opera cake and masala ice cream
from David Blaine

from michelp.s

Opera Cake
from Canadacow


Pain d'epices

Untitled from gadl

 Pain d'épices is a sweet spice bread or cake if you will, a lot like gingerbread.

The basic ingredients are rye flour or whole wheat, honey, and spices newer versions use ginger too.

Pain d'épices is such a classic I just had to talk about it.


Pain d'épice
from bloggyboulga
Pain d'épice
from zarrelli
Le pain d'épice
from bloggyboulga

Pain d'épices à l'orange
from fred_v